УДК 621.396, DOI: 10.22184/2070-8963.2020.

The problem of information security of air traffic surveillance AZN-V is analyzed. It is noted that the solution to this problem is not limited to ensuring confidentiality, but also includes authentication of the message source and the non-repudiation of authorship by the message source, identification of message integrity and access control, including protection against repetitions "in the recording" of previously transmitted messages. It is concluded that the further use of the 1090 ES squitter system for AZN-B purposes does not meet modern requirements for air traffic safety, and may become, inter alia, a significant help for terrorists. As an alternative, it is proposed to implement the self-organizing network concept of AZN-V based on the VDL-4 protocol, which supports the types of protocols necessary for using cryptographic algorithms.


Разработка: студия Green Art